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The cost of not having health insurance

The cost of being ill is extremely high, even with health insurance sometimes. Without health insurance, you may find yourself with very costly doctor visits, and should an unexpected medical scare or procedure come up, you want to be covered so you aren’t left with thousands of dollars in medical bills.

The good news is that affordable health insurance does exist for some individuals and families. Through the Affordable Care Act, some families qualify for no cost plans or low-cost plans. These plans cover essentially the same services that ‘regular’ health insurance plans cover.

So, what is the cost of not having health insurance?

As an example, let’s say there is  someone who just turned 26 and was aged off of their parents health insurance plan. They are in a car accident and now need surgery on their leg. This person is not covered, so instead of paying the usual deductible, they are left with  thousands of dollars in medical debt.

Another example, let’s use someone who is typically healthy and does not have health insurance. They come down with the flu and need to see a doctor. Instead of having a copay for the visit, or no payment at all, the cost to see a doctor is very high.

We are here to help with South Carolina health insurance needs in our community. Don’t risk it. Stay covered.

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